What We Do

At Silverline Memories we are passionate about bringing joy into the lives of people with Dementia.  We believe that life should be led to the full, and the Dementia should not stop people from living the life they deserve.

As well as providing a range of social opportunities through our groups and activities, we also provide the support that families need to enable them to join in.

In addition to what we offer in the Activity Centre, we also organize Day Trips, Theatre Visits (Panto anyone?) and Pub meals.  In a nutshell, if you’d like to do it, we can make it happen.

SilverlineCArers Forum - what we do

Once you have joined Silverline Memories you will be able to create a password to access this area of the website.  Here you will find a forum you can use to ask questions or join in discussions with other Silverline Memories members.  Information is shared here, including all the links you will need to join our on-line support, and details of other organisations who can provide advice & information.

I cannot recommend Silverline memories enough. My Mother-in-Law has had some lovely trips out with them, most recently to Alnwick Gardens. She loves the Friday group, has lots of great laughs and Sandra and all the other wonderful volunteers are just fantastic. Thank you all.

Juley, Newcastle