Welcome to Silverline Memories

Welcome to the website of Silverline Memories, the Charity that provides “places to go and things to do” for people living with Dementia in Newcastle & Gateshead.   We hope you find all the information you need from our Menu, but if you require any additional information about our services you can chat to us via our live chat feature which will appear on screen.

We currently have applications available for this year’s Great North Run and Great North Swim.  If you’d like to represent us in those event and help raise money for Silverline Memories, click the icon below.

“After my wife was finally diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s, we spent another five years floundering in a social, medical, personal and legal wilderness, with no ‘Guide’, nor ‘book of Instructions’ to help navigate us through the unknown sources of help previously unknown to us.

That was, until I was made aware of a weekly ‘Dementia Cafe’ held in the nearby St. Aiden’s Church annexe, arranged by “Silverline Memories”.

Suddenly, our lives were transformed. At that first tentative visit to the Cafe, we were immediately made welcome, finding ourselves surrounded by friendly people, many of whom had originally shared similar solitary experiences.

Now, we had a weekly date fixed in our calendar to look forward to with pleasurable anticipation; a day for music, a variety of entertainment, but especially of social interaction…. sharing experiences and exchanging useful information to help us obtain the help we sorely needed….we felt that we were part of a caring family.

‘Silverline Memories’ has been by our side during our ’highs’ and our ‘lows’ in our 6-year association. My wife is now in a Care Home, and as a result, my own involvement regrettably has changed, but I have the certainly that I will have ‘Silverline Memories’ by my side through the difficult time I will ultimately have to face….They have been a shining star throughout our recent lives.”

John, Newcastle