Susan Carr

Several factors have motivated me to serve as a Trustee of Silverline Memories.

The most important is my personal experience with dementia and a desire to support what I believe is a vital service. I accompanied a very close relative through her dementia journey which spanned approximately 15 years. While appreciating that no two experiences are the same, I do think this has given me a good insight into the impact of dementia on the individual and their family, the challenging adjustments and transitions that must be negotiated and the often minimal input available from statutory services. Organisations such as Silverline provide an invaluable support to both the person with dementia and to their family network. For us, the most significant contribution was the opportunity to continue to enjoy social activities together when many of our previous options became unavailable or inaccessible.

My professional life in the higher education sector provides me with skills such as working on health and social care service developments, improvements and evaluations which I believe are transferable to supporting the organisation and development of Silverline Memories.