Thanks for your consideration in taking part in this years Great North Run and/or Great North Swim for Silverline Memories.

All you need to do for the Great North Run is to download our registration form by right clicking here and selecting Save As…

To download our application form for the Great North Swim right click here and select Save As…

The Great North Run takes place on Sunday September 13th and the Great North Swim takes places on June 5th, 6th and 7th.  When applying for the Swim and you’re successful, you can choose which of those 3 days is best for you.

Print your the form off and fill in the details, then send it back to us with your registration fee of £72.50 for the Great North Run and £41 for the Great North Swim (NB these are both is non-refundable) The fund raising target for each is £150 but of course the more you raise, the more you can help us

Send your completed form and fee to…

Great North Run Entry
Siliverline Memories,
The Dene Centre,
Castles Farm Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Thank you again, and good luck