The Friday group enjoyed another TimeSlips session recently and this is the finished story based on the image below.


The area was debateable, it was either Seaton Sluice or somewhere abroad. No shoes were worn or coats so it must have been outside in a hot country.  They came for the sunset and were shocked seeing the sea move and how much water there was. It was not India. The sea looked a bit rough, it was definitely north east of somewhere, possibly Whitley Bay or Los Angeles, in the United States of America, but, it could be Devon in England or Cullercoats, Cornwall or Ceylon.

They stood on the pier skimming stones and fishing, but not taking pictures. Rita doesn’t want to go there as it’s a long way from home.  The sun is important as it is going down and four people are watching, while waiting and watching for the ferry. There is a roof in the picture and that could be the waiting area for the ferry. Audrey did not think it was a ferry but changed her mind as she felt that the writers are maniacs.

There were two adults and two children who were worried that the boat had not come but happy that they had the children who were holding hands so the Mother could take photographs.

The mother was concerned about the water coming in while they were waiting for the boat.

Their worry was the last people to be going to the land. It was evening and they took photos while on holiday.

The Mothers name was Samantha or Persephonie ot it may be Sydney Anne Richardson McCormick O’Donnell.

The Father was Giles. The little girl was Moira and the Boy was Alec.

Not sure where they came from as they had no bags so could be locals, but with no rucksacks, they were perhaps going back for dinner.

The Dad Giles had a big back and was from the Caribbean or Tobago. They are not used to water and they like to see it move.

They continue to wait.

They are on holiday near to where they are standing with no bags at all, with no coats and bare feet. They were not sure how long they had been there – no packed lunch, but out from the hotel for a stroll.  They had been in a Beach hut in Berlin that was fabulous, but it could be a chalet or they live near the town and have a trailer hostelry or Snack Bar on a caravan site in Seaton Sluice or Seaton Carew.  The Snack bar is called Rescue possibly in Cyprus, (Doreen has been there five times). The food was Fish with salads, crabs ,mussels, lobster and prawns for a sea food platter with alcohol. Red and white wine, cider and Weiss beer. Audrey said a tip would be left Alan said no tip would be left, and there were plenty of buses.

They would be sad to leave especially the children, next place was home. No more water holiday but into the countryside maybe Florida as it’s a lively place, or Italy or Turkey. Rita would like Germany as Audrey lived there when she was in the Army and go to Berlin for a holiday. In Germany you can play golf, walk. The people there especially the Germans are lovely in both the winter and summer.

To close this story a Surname had to be chosen so it was Mr. and Mrs Johnson Smith Brown, or Fitzwilliamson. Hitler, Von Trapp Vandervelte Schmidt.