At Silverline Memories we often offer Time Slips as an activity.  TimeSlips is a storytelling activity that relies on imagination and not memory, allowing people with dementia to enjoy the process of creating a story, often with great humour and without the pressure of relying on the accuracy of the information.

The process begins with the group being shown an image and then being prompted to describe what they think is happening in the picture.  Who the people are, where are they going, why etc.  The following is the Story that was created by the Silverline Memories Friday Cafe on January 20th 2017, from the image below, and if you would like to see how much fun everyone had creating this – head over to see the photos on our Facebook Page here.


img_1959The Street Party

The names of the two women in the picture at the Street Party were either Mary, Christine Verruca, or Hernia, Catherine or Muriel, Griselda or just Princess or Violet.  The lady in waiting was Jean. The man standing behind drinking orange juice with vodka, was the car repair man or the driver. They were celebrating Kingston Parks annual ferret race and waiting for the Queen to pass, while waiting for a Doctor, and Sandra to arrive.  The Royal visit to Monkseaton got wet when the heavens opened, and Eileen got into the car of a man she hardly knew, to get to the party.

The lady in the red cardigan was not amused, going out finding the car won’t start, and without a drink she was waiting for the RAC or the AA to arrive. She had just found out she was not on the party list and was sad. It was felt that the two ladies in the picture were pregnant one with a boy the other a girl. They were waiting for the garage as they can’t go to the coast. They were sitting outside the house because the owner had gone out, so they could not get in. The lady in red had forgotten she was meabt to be on her way to hospital to have a face wound dressed.

The lady in red was aged about 45-50. The other lady was about 60. The man who wanted beer and not orange juice, was aged about 50-51 was taking tablets. The people in the picture the son and son in law of the two women and was waiting for his wife to mend the car. Both women were married to the window cleaner, and in a democratic vote the window cleaner married the Queen.  They all hoped for no jail after the scandal with the window cleaner who has a bad heart.  Because of his bad heart they were all were waiting for the doctor. They also were waiting for the result of the ferret race. Some were waiting for the guillotine to drop then going to get something to eat and hoping they were going to win a holiday.

The handsome window cleaner, who was charming, but boring at parties, has a cup of tea. The lady in the picture has not had a drink. They did live in a clean house but knew that the window cleaner was homeless and he  waiting for a bus. The man in the picture was believed to be Stig from Top Gear although his family lived round the corner.

They all came from either Wallsend (Segadunum) or Outer Space with Aliens who were not happy. Alternatively they may have lived in Darass Hall or the Banks of the River Tyne where they used the sculler to cross the river.


The End.