We are delighted to announce that Anne Nolan, of the Nolan Sisters, has agreed to be the Patron of Silverline Memories.  We are looking forward to getting to know Anne and to working with her to further our cause, and we very much look forward to being able to introduce her to everyone at a future event.

Anne sent the following message for everyone:



” I always feel very honoured and humbled when charities ask me to be part of their organisation, but I have to be fair and look at each request seriously and decide with my heart just exactly what I can bring to the cause.  In many cases time is my enemy and I’m constantly battling with my conscience if I am doing enough to help with my charities, sometimes its just impossible to divide my time equally between my family, my professional life & my charity work.

Alzheimer’s /Dementia charities are close to my heart; some of you may know that I lost my dear Mum to Alzheimer’s and I know at first hand the difficulties of caring & living with some one with this terrible disease, the constant feel of guilt, the enormous stress and worry about treatment and care.  With Alzheimer’s/Dementia charities helping & fighting for people in our communities we all must play our part in doing whatever we can to help.

I am delighted and thrilled to accept your kind offer to join your organisation as your Patron at Silverline Memories, Together I am sure we can do some amazing things! “

With Love

Anne Nolan.