On Friday we had a visit from Romi Jones who helped our Friday Lunch Club members write a Time Slips Story.  Time Slips is a programme that supports story telling with people with dementia by “replacing the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine”.

The group were shown a picture and together wrote a story about what they saw.  Here below, is the story of Belle.


Dog walking

She’s taking the dog for a walk

She made a phone call to get her own phone fixed.

Her name is Belle – she could be 20, she could be middle aged, probably she’s 3

She’s wearing wedge heels; she gets her legs waxed.

It’s the 1960s, it looks like somewhere posh, Ponteland or Darras Hall

Looks posh because the dog has a diamante collar

It might be called Phideau (Fido) or Fritz

It could be the Beckhams, it might be Posh’s dog.

He’s looking at her, as if he wants a poo…..

Fritz is looking at her and listening to her

She could be crying, she got bad news in the phone box

Her boyfriend has dumped her and she’s pregnant.

There’s somebody in the phone box, could be a reflection or could be a young man

He might have said meet me at the phone box.

We know it’s a male dog, just look at…..

She could have stolen the dog, swapped it with a mongrel and left the mongrel in a phone box.


Belle might be a dog walker- though she’s not wearing the right shoes.

Her nails are well manicured, not rough like ours, the dress is not from a charity shop

She might not have a job- she has a rich husband but she is meeting her boyfriend.

She might have a left the baby in the phone box, with the other dog

She can see shops and the vet at the top of the street and Carrick’s Tea Room, Mark Toney ice-cream

It was a reporter took the photo, looking for a story, must be a man looking at her legs.

Might have been Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, he was a photographer.

The dog doesn’t want to go home, he slips his lead and gets run over.

Prince Harry is waiting for her at the end of the street, he is singing….

‘Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed,

 I had a little drink an hour ago and its gone right to my head.’


For more information about Time Slips please visit www.timeslips.org